TGS support you during this time of challenge and difficulty caused by COVID-19

To The Visitor Economy Community

We are sending you a heartfelt message from the TGS Board and offering our support during this time of challenge and difficulty caused by COVID-19.  We want you to know that we are here for you and our industry and will continue to support you where possible.  Let’s use our love of our region and community and our passion and dedication for providing exceptional visitor experiences to band together and work through this as best we can.

A working group of TGS has been established with the aim of identifying the most pressing issues facing our local operators now and into the coming weeks.  

So far we have heard that the industry needs - 

  • Up to date and easy to access information and guidelines on new standards for health, hygiene and safety for both the hospitality and accommodation industries in dealing specifically with COVID-19

  • Secure access to essential supplies ie toilet paper, cleaning supplies, hand sanitisers, fresh and packaged produce

  • Practical mitigation measures and information on transitioning to a new way of doing business in the current environment ie limiting the handling of cash, temporary use of disposable cups and utensils, offering take away services

  • Loss control measures

  • Human resource management support and advice

  • Financial stress reduction measures

  • Reintroduction of free parking in the CBD

  • Access to health and well being and counselling services

  • Accurate and up to date information on what is open

If you have any other areas where you feel you need support please reach out to the TGS Board, our contact details are below. We will be using this information to be fed back to lead agencies and key stakeholders including the Greater Shepparton City Council, C4GS, the Chamber of Commerce, VTIC and state government agencies in an effort to attract the timely support and resources industry needs now and into the future. 

In addition we will be seeking to establish the following -

  • A TGS Facebook support group 'TGS celebrating the small' established to connect you with the 'TGS village' to share information and resources, ask questions, reach out for assistance, highlight opportunities for collaboration, diversification, human resource sharing, share what you are doing in your business and ideas on what your staff can be working on during times of closure

  • Virtual training on health and hygiene and associated resources

  • Visitor information, particularly messaging on how visitors can access our region safely

  • Communication to locals on the activities that they can do safely in our open spaces ie. Walks, shared pathways, Botanic Gardens, waterway etc

  • Progressing the development of the Great Things Happen Here strategic destination marketing plan including a reset following the significant change in event environment

  • Messaging around celebrating the small, the makers, the creators and the growers

  • A key tourism infrastructure project plan to bolster the appeal and ability to attract visitors back to Greater Shepparton when things return to our new normal

We encourage you to communicate with your customers and consider potential new ways of doing business to meet their needs and support your business.  

Below you will find a series of links that we encourage you to access and implement as best you can to meet the current  and future needs of your individual business.

Our thoughts are with all of our members and our community at this time, please be assured that we will keep you up to date with communication as it becomes available to us.  We will be continually seeking your input to ensure that the decisions are being made by you, the people that are operating the businesses and those that are directly facing the challenges.


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